Sunday, April 15, 2012


 At six p.m. a week ago last Saturday night I got a call from my niece.  That's her on the left, the smirky one holding the egg.  She was a little incensed that her family hadn't been invited over for Easter dinner.  So I invited.  Then she told me they wouldn't make the trip if frozen lasagna was on the menu (it was) and could I please change my plans (I you see the pull this girl has?!?!).  I talked with her mom and pulled together a proper Easter that didn't involve pork (they worship pigs, not eat them).  Also on darling Maddy's agenda was an egg war.  Each year we boil, color and then destroy the eggs.  We roll 'em out and then do our best to smash into each other's masterpieces, carefully dyed works of art that would make Carl Faberge...curl his lip in disdain.  So I stayed up and boiled eggs.  I Googled for details.  It takes 17 minutes to properly boil eggs (according to one site that has lost all credibility in my eyes).  I set the timer.  I let them cool in the pot as directed.  Yet as my nieces and kids were dying the beauties, the insides were sloshing!  Grrr.
These eggs were pansies in battle. Some (mine) exploded after the first toss.  Others made it for one or two rounds.  We set a record for the shortest egg war ever.  Mad didn't mind though.  She won.  So now you understand the smirk...

My youngest contemplates the incredible, edible (raw) egg

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Joan said...

So who cleaned up the mess? Sounds pretty fun. I have never had a boiled egg cook in 17 minutes either. It takes way longer. I just cook them until they dry off quickly on the spoon as I pull them out of the pan of water. You are a good aunt and mother.