Friday, September 9, 2011

Crazy Eights

Some people say bad things happen in three's. I'm making a strong case here that bad things happen in eights! Welcome to my week...

1)My four-year-old went to the dentist for the first time and ended up with 5 cavities! (I swear we brush around here). Under sedation, the dentist found (and filled) two more!

2) My eight-year-old threw a volcanic fit when I informed her that the giant teddy bear she has been saving for is no longer available at Costco

3) Four-year-old again…closed the garage door when the back of the mini van was still open

4) Had to settle for "decent" at the body shop to fix the damage done to van…because “decent” was free and “perfect” would have cost $200

5) Eight-year-old started puking and cried because she would miss school…had hopes of perfect attendance this year

6) I started crying because eight-year-old was home another day. Too sick to be at school…too well to be at home, spent the day harassing the four-year-old. Grrrr...

7) Aunt Flo showed up today…four days early (@#$%)

8) Four-year-old just threw up all over the stairs. The. Most. Inconvenient. Place. He. Could. Find.

I’m shaking the eight ball to see if I should even bother to wake up tomorrow…