Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok...who's going into the volcano?
Clearly some drastic measures must be taken. The weather gods have been angered. I wonder what sacrifice will be necessary to pry Winter's greedy mitts off the forecast and usher in some balmier fare. These are not images you'd expect of the end of May, and yet...

The flowers I planted so optimistically on Saturday

My daughter wearing my coat...the one I thought I'd put
away for the next six months!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little eavesdropping never hurt anyone...

Every week I take my oldest son and his friend to Karate. I get great insights into the nine year old mind by listening to their conversations. I make sure the radio is on so they don't think I'm listening but not so loud that I can't hear. This was one of their most recent exchanges...almost verbatim.

J: Dude, did you know that Obama is trying to make it so no one can have guns?

B: No way!

J: Yes he is. You know what that means?

B: What?

J: Our military guys are gonna have to use bows and arrows!

B (with great concern): Dude, that's never gonna work against tanks...